Best Travel Accessories For Women – 5 Sass & Belle Products I Love

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What are the best travel accessories for women?

Best Travel Accessories For Women - 5 Sass & Belle Products I Love

“Where’s the best place to buy travel accessories?” I hear you ask. Well, anyone who knows me knows I adore Sass & Belle, especially their vintage maps line of products (who’d have guessed that!). Sass & Belle sells an abundance of beautifully designed home-ware, bags, stationary, gifts, and some of the best travel accessories for women. They boast some gorgeous collections, which are constantly being added to, and if you’re looking for matching travel accessories or globetrotter gifts, then I’ve no doubt they’ll be your cuppa tea too! I want to share with you 5 of my favourite Sass and Belle travel-inspired products that I own, use and love, because quite frankly I think they are gorgeous!

1. Sass & Belle Vintage Map Luggage Tag

The vintage map luggage tag was one of the first Sass and Belle products I ever owned. It has been securely strapped to more suitcases than I care to remember, and has travelled thousands of miles across Europe and Asia (oh the stories it could tell you if it had a mouth). Whenever I catch a glimpse of it, the quote reminds me of what life is all about, and that there is a whole wide world out there to explore. It’s one of those small but stylish travel accessories that adds a dash of uniqueness to any piece of luggage and all importantly helps you distinguish which is your suitcase on the big bad bag conveyor belt at the airport…

2. Sass & Belle Vintage Map Lunch Bag

One of the best travel accessories for women on the go, this small lunch bag is a feast for the eyes. Another in the vintage map collection, this small and foldable insulated cool box is a great contender for any packing list, and the possibilities are endless… snack box for the airport, lunch bag for DIY lunches abroad, a beer cooler for picnics. Personally, I use this little lunch bag both at home and when travelling. One of my top tips for travelling cheaper in Europe is to book apartments – this way, you can prepare your own meals, and packing an insulated lunch bag will allow you to take lunch with you days out whilst keeping it cool!

3. Sass & Belle Vintage Map A5 Notebook

Still on the matching travel accessories bandwagon, Sass and Belle do an A5 notebook that I am obsessed with (probably because of the quote on the front along with the design, because I’m a sucker for inspirational phrases). You might not think this is a conventional travel accessory, but let me tell you sometimes one of the best things to pack is a small notepad (and a pen, otherwise it’s pretty useless). When I’m travelling the world, I often feel inspired with new ideas that I like to note down or want to keep a small record of my daily activities so I can look back on them in years to come and smile. After all, the charm of a physical notebook is much more alluring than the notes section of your phone… 

4. Sass & Belle Vintage Map Passport Holder

Last within the vintage map design is the Sass and Belle passport holder, one of the best women’s passport wallets. My Sass & Belle passport holder fell into my possession shortly after my luggage tag, and since it has slid across more border control counters than I can count on two hands. Along with the design and yes, the quote, I love this passport holder because it has a little popper to secure the cover closed. This means I can slip boarding passes and other documents inside my passport and know that they shouldn’t come out because it is firmly shut tight. 

5. Sass & Belle Vintage Map Collage Glasses Case

A variation on the vintage map design and last on this list of the best travel accessories for women that are my favourite right now is a map collage glasses case. I use this glasses case everywhere I go, to keep my prescription sunglasses safe from harm. This year alone, it has been to Portugal, Wales, and toured around the Scottish Highlands, and come spring it will be off to Slovenia too (and that’s not including how much it has trundled around in my handbag on a daily basis). I also have the ‘world is yours to see’ glasses case by Sass and Belle, but I must say I think this particular one has the upper-hand for me (I love the quote, the calligraphic font, and the pink touches on the collage). 

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