How To Get From Dubrovnik To Split In Croatia [A Quick + Easy Guide]

Last Updated on 7 November 2022

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How can I get from Dubrovnik to Split?

One of the most frequently asked questions when planning a trip to Croatia is: What is the best way to get from Dubrovnik to Split? And before I visited, I too asked this question many times in order to find out how to travel from Dubrovnik to Split in preparation for my 10 day itinerary for Croatia! So in this quick travel guide, I have put together the information I learned to help you pick the best option for how to get from Dubrovnik to Split for your trip!

Where is Dubrovnik?

The city walls - Best things to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dubrovnik Old Town

Perched high above the Adriatic Sea and famous for its perfectly-preserved medieval town, Dubrovnik is one of the most famous places in Croatia located in the south of the country. World-renowned for its fortified old town walls within which the historic town is concealed, Dubrovnik has some amazing things to do and is a maze of boulevard-style marble streets, picturesque squares and quaint lanes. More recently known as the set for Kings Landing in Game of Thrones, it has now become a hot-spot for fans from around the world, but whether you’re into the series or not, the enchanting setting makes it a contender on any bucket list for Europe.

Tip: If you are planning a trip to Dubrovnik, then be sure to check out these essential Dubrovnik travel tips before you go!

Where is Split?

Split, Croatia - City Break Destinations in Europe
Split Old Town

A peninsula coastal city located in the south of Croatia, Split is famous for its charming Roman remnants which dot the Old Town. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Romanesque leftovers can be seen in the ancient ruins, like that of Diocletian’s Palace in the centre which was constructed during the 3rd and 4th century. Split is a beautiful place to visit if you want to see modern Dalmatian life intertwine with remains from a time gone by, and makes for one of the best summer city breaks in Europe!

How far is Split from Dubrovnik?

The distance along the stunning coastal road from Split to Dubrovnik is ~230km (~143 miles). Both Split and Dubrovnik are located on the Adriatic coast in the southern part of Croatia, but as the crow flies Split is northwest of Dubrovnik. The driving time from Split to Dubrovnik is approximately 4 hours, but this is dependent on the traffic and how busy the border crossing is at the Neum Corridor. 

What is the Neum Corridor?

The Neum Corridor is a 9km stretch of land owned by Bosnia and Herzegovina which cuts through Dalmatia. When travelling from Dubrovnik to Split by road, you will have no choice but to pass through the Neum Corridor which requires a border crossing. This isn’t something people tend to take into account or know about before it happens (I certainly didn’t), so do make sure you have your passport with you on this journey! 

How to get from Dubrovnik to Split by bus Bus – the easiest option

The best way to get from Dubrovnik to Split is by bus. This option is fairly hassle-free, quick and affordable, and the route follows the Adriatic coastline therefore offering some of the most breathtaking Croatian scenery along the way. You will pass through towns and villages otherwise unseen, giving you an essence of what Dalmatian life is like outside of the famous cities.  

I booked my bus through Promet Makarska, but there are various operators you can use to travel from Dubrovnik to Split. In order to find these, use Get By Bus which will show the available journeys and operators for the day you want to travel. Look directly on the bus provider website to see whether booking directly is cheaper than through a third party like Get By Bus (in my case it was cheaper to book through Get By Bus). 

How to get from Dubrovnik to Split by bus
Stunning scenery on bus route from Dubrovnik to Split

Tip: Book your Dubrovnik to Split bus tickets online before you leave, to ensure you have a seat on the bus. 

The bus station in Dubrovnik where buses from Dubrovnik to Split depart is situated in Gruz, which is approximately a 4km (~2.5 mile) drive west of the Old Town. Unless you are staying in Gruz, you will probably want to drive to Dubrovnik Bus Station as with luggage it’s not going to be the easiest of walks. The easiest and quickest way to get from Dubrovnik to Dubrovnik Bus Station in Gruz is by Uber. 

The bus station in Split is conveniently located at the port, just a stone’s throw from Riva Waterfront and the Old Town. Unless you are staying outside of Split Old Town, you will likely be able to walk from Split Bus Station to your Split accommodation. But if you’ve got too much luggage, then I’d suggest getting an Uber if the distance isn’t too far. 

How to get from Dubrovnik to Split by air – the expensive option

At the time of writing, there are no direct flights from Dubrovnik to Split. Croatia Airlines do offer a flight, but this will require a stopover in Zagreb, therefore adding unnecessary time to your journey. Furthermore, it’s likely that flying is going to be more expensive than taking a bus, as you can usually pick up bus fares fairly cheaply. And, flying will mean you miss out on the scenic drive up the Dalmatian coast, which offers the most stunning views.

The top travel tips for Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Dubrovnik Old Town Walls
Riva Waterfront in Split, Croatia
Riva Waterfront in Split

However, if you are travelling from Split to Dubrovnik, you can grab a direct flight with Croatia Airlines making it a more viable option for travel between the two destinations. But be mindful that if you do decide to fly in either direction, you will need to get a bus or private transfer to/from the airport into the city centre of Split and Dubrovnik, which will lead to added expense and time!

Can I get the train from Dubrovnik to Split?

As beautiful as this train journey would be in theory, unfortunately there is no train between Dubrovnik and Split, making the road the best way to enjoy the coastline. 

How to get from Dubrovnik to Split – the final option of car rental

The final option and probably the quickest way to get from Dubrovnik to Split is to rent a car and drive there yourself. But if you don’t want to worry about the technicalities of driving through the Neum Corridor, and all the other stuff like refuelling, insurance, getting lost and driving on unfamiliar roads, then I’d suggest the best option and second fastest way to get from Dubrovnik to Split is to get the bus!


There are 3 options for travelling from Dubrovnik to Split – bus, plane or car rental. Based on my own experience, I would suggest that the easiest way to get from Dubrovnik to Split is by bus. Bus is usually inexpensive, direct, and fairly quick (unless there are any traffic or border delays), and the route offers the most gorgeous scenery. Plane is a good option if you are travelling from Split to Dubrovnik, as there are direct flights in this direction, but you will still need to get to/from the airports in each destination. But regardless of what you decide, if you were wondering how to get from Dubrovnik to Split when you started reading, I hope by now you know the best option for you!

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How to get from Dubrovnik to Split?
How to get from Dubrovnik to Split?