A Quick Travel Guide To Langkawi, Malaysia [3 Minute Read]

Last Updated on 4 August 2022

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Welcome to Langkawi…

Sandy beaches lined with palm trees, mischievous monkeys, flavoursome food, lush-green rice fields and budget friendly – have I got your attention yet? Well Langkawi is all of these things and so much more. An archipelago of 99 islands with the main island being Pulau Langkawi, Langkawi is a sun-blessed paradise and Malaysia’s answer to a tropical escape. Back sometime in the late twenty-tens, I had the absolute privilege of spending 4 days in Langkawi as part of a 3 week trip to Southeast Asia. To help you get some quick answers to your Langkawi questions, I’ve created a travel guide for Langkawi in infographic form (keep scrolling) – I find these really useful and to be honest, quite pleasing to the eye, and I thought you might too!

Cenang Beach - A Quick Travel Guide To Langkawi, Malaysia [3 Minute Read]!
Cenang Beach, Langkawi

Useful resources for planning your trip to Langkawi

Naturally Langkawi – official website for Langkawi tourism, containing a whole host of practical information about the best things to see and do, getting around and accommodation, plus other information about the island

TripAdvisor – my personal favourite for searching for cheap and good quality places to eat, and the forums to answer those intricate questions

Booking.com – the platform I mostly use to book accommodation for my travels, stocking a wide range of places to rest your head across Langkawi

Langkawi Airport Guide – the website for Langkawi Airport, which contains super useful information not only about flights, but transportation to/from the airport as well

View from SkyBridge in Langkawi - A Quick Travel Guide To Langkawi, Malaysia [3 Minute Read]!
Views from Langkawi SkyBridge

Top 3 travel tips for Langkawi

One: At the time of writing, one way taxi fares from Langkawi Airport still have a fixed fee (cost dependent on your final destination) so you shouldn’t need to navigate ensuring drivers use their meters etc. You should purchase a coupon at the taxi counter in arrivals and then be on your way.

Two: Pack yourself some mosquito repellent. As with many other destinations in Southeast Asia, Langkawi is home to mosquitoes and mosquitoes harbour diseases which are probably best avoided.

Three: Public transport isn’t an option in Langkawi, so you’ll have to find alternative ways to get around the island. The good news is Pulau Langkawi is relatively small, and there are many other means of transport which makes this easy.

A Quick Travel Guide To Langkawi, Malaysia [2 Min Read] - Infographic containing useful travel advice and tips for Langkawi Island
Quick Travel Guide To Langkawi, Malaysia [3 Minute Read]