Wroclaw Christmas Market – Europe’s Most Underrated Festive Destination?

Last Updated on 7 November 2022

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Cities like Berlin and Budapest might be at the top of your winter bucket list for a festive city break, but Wroclaw Christmas Market might not have made the cut. And I’d guess that’s because you’ve never heard of it, or if you have, then you don’t know that it is home to one of the best Christmas Markets in Europe which is undeniably enchanting…

Wroclaw Christmas Market

I’d never heard of Wroclaw and certainly hadn’t considered a trip there until I found some cheap return flights one December (story of my life… the majority of my travels are planned based on where I can find the cheapest flights too). I did a quick search online for Wroclaw Christmas Market and I was hooked, the flights were booked, and I was set to spend 4 magical days there.

Wroclaw Christmas Market

It might be a bold statement, but I certainly believe that Wroclaw is one of the hidden gems when it comes to Europe’s magical Christmas city breaks and has one of Europe’s most underrated Christmas Markets. So if you’re wondering why Wroclaw Christmas Market needs to be the next destination on your festive travel list, then keep on reading… 

Where is Wroclaw?

Wroclaw is a beautiful city located in western Poland along the idyllic Odra River – it’s a city of 100 bridges, magical architecture and over 300 dwarves. Dwarves, wait what? Yes, Wroclaw has over 300 little bronze gnome-like figurines hiding in plain sight all across the city! A dwarf on a motorbike, a dwarf making gingerbread, dwarves in an ATM, firefighter dwarves… Quirky, right? These little dwarves make Wroclaw one of the most unique places to visit in Europe. But there are some other amazing things to do in Wroclaw too, making it the perfect city break at any time of the year.

Wroclaw Dwarves, Poland

Why visit Wroclaw Christmas Market?

1. Wroclaw has one Christmas Market + it’s very walkable

Unlike places such as Berlin which have 60+ Christmas Markets, Wroclaw has just one. But don’t let that make you feel completely underwhelmed, because it has everything you could ever want out of a Christmas Market and more (60+ Christmas Markets might sound like fun and games in theory, but the majority are very similar). What’s more, Wroclaw and it’s Christmas Market are both very walkable, meaning you won’t need public transport and you shouldn’t get lost! 

Wroclaw Christmas Market, Poland

2. It’s picturesque + utterly enchanting

Wroclaw Christmas Market is as pretty as a picture, and is what you might imagine when you think of Christmas Markets in Poland or see travel brochures for Christmas in Europe. The market fills the historical centre, spanning the length and width of the colourful facades which line the Main Market Square (Rynek). It weaves around the picturesque Wroclaw Town Hall and across adjacent streets, and spills onto the nearby smaller square of Plac Solny. The setting is truly magical, and if that’s not enough to get you into the festive mood, then I don’t know what is!

Wroclaw Christmas Market, Poland

3. There are so many lovely things to eat + buy

The alpine huts which line the market sell all types of delights which make the perfect Christmas gifts, such as traditional kitsch Christmas decorations, handmade soaps, crafts, jewellery, confectionery, ceramics and candles. Food stalls are abundant and I tasted some of the best Christmas market food that I ever have in Wroclaw, from Polish specialities to other cuisines. And of course you can get the classic Christmas market sweet treats such as candy floss, gingerbread and churros too. 

4. You won’t see so many flavours of mulled wine anywhere else

One of the best things to do at Wroclaw Christmas Market is to soak up the warm atmosphere from one of the terraces above the alpine bars, or sit inside one of the cosy tiered cabins and enjoy one (all) of the many flavours of mulled wine in a stocking shaped mug – blueberry, raspberry, cherry, Christmas blend and more! There are various festive performances on the main stage under the lights of the Christmas tree which you might be able to spy too, and the sound of traditional carols fill the air. 

Mulled Wine at Wroclaw Christmas Market, Poland

Tip: I found that the market was fairly quiet during the weekdays and weekday evenings, so this was the prime time to take a really good look around the market. At the weekend it really came alive, making it a good time to soak up the festive atmosphere with a mug (or two or three or four…) of mulled wine.

5. It’s fairytale themed + there is a small fairground 

The smaller huts surrounded by fresh pine trees tell fairytale stories such as Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White, adding to the magic of the market. There is also a quaint fairground with rides for small and big kids alike, and the sound of excitement adds to the Christmas cheer which fills the cold Polish air!

Wroclaw Christmas Tree and Lights, Poland

6. And the cherry on the cake… Wroclaw is affordable 

If you are looking for one of the best European cities for Christmas on a budget, then Wroclaw should be at the top of your list. The market is very reasonably priced, especially for food and drinks (unlike others I have been to where prices can be quite high like in Budapest). And accommodation, public transport and admission fees into Wroclaw’s attractions should keep your wallet happy.

Tip: If you’re looking for top tips on how to travel Europe cheaper, then one thing you should know is that Eastern Europe is your best friend, because prices for things like accommodation, public transport and attractions are usually budget-friendly.

More information

For more information about Wroclaw Christmas Market including dates for this year and the market layout, visit the official Wroclaw Christmas Market website using the button below!

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Wroclaw Christmas Market - Europe's Most Underrated Festive Destination
Wroclaw Christmas Market - Europe's Best Festive Destination